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School Management System

School Management System

An Education Institute needs lots more than a simple ‘Education module’,
and One Link Solution has all of it available built-in. You can:

Using Education module of One Link Solution, you can effectively manage operations like:

  • Managing Student
  • Program and Courses
  • Publishing Programs on the portal
  • Online Admissions
  • Student Attendance
  • Course Scheduling
  • Portal for Publishing Programs
  • Assessment Planning and Assessment Result
  • Fee Structure and Fee Receipt
  • Track your books of accounts using Accounts module.
  • Organize your purchases and place an approval system.

The Education domain in One Link Solution is designed to meet requirements of any organization which imparts knowledge and believe in doing so in an organized fashion. It has already been used at schools, colleges and even in private firms.

It helps you to effectively manage administration and allows you to focus on what is most important for your institute, to educate!

School Management System ERP Pakistan



  • Student & Parent management system.


  • Can open student Admission on system which further lead to registration and enrollment within the specific class and courses.


  • Can do Student Attendance on system through phone or tablet.
  • Student could apply for leave from home under the supervision of parents, parents could apply for students leaves remotely.
  • Parents could get daily attendance reports, weekly monthly attendance reports on their emails or by logging in through system.


  • Online assessment reports are available.
  • Assessment results are available online in the system.
  • Create an online assessment criterion on system.


  • Fees management system is available on ERP, an individual could create fee challans in one go.
  • System operator could create fee schedule for every month and auto fee would generate every month.
  • Can set different Fee Structure according to classes and students.
  • One click printing of fee challans is available on system


  • Parents teacher log-in portal is available:
  • Parents could see courses, assessment and monthly schedule of the students.
  • Parents could see weekly, monthly and yearly performance of the student.
  • Parents could get news letter from school.


  • Teachers could schedule monthly test on system.
  • Teachers could correspond with parents directly on system.
  • Teachers could take attendance directly on system.
  • Teachers could check exams on system directly

Reports for Management

Assessment Reports

  • Course wise Assessment Report
  • Final Assessment Grades
  • Assessment Plan Status
  • Custom Reports

Admission and registration

  • Admission date and time report
  • Registration Report by Date and Time.
  • Custom Reports

Attendance Report

  • Student Monthly Attendance Sheet
  • Student daily attendance report of all classes

Fee Reports

  • Student Fee Collection reports
  • Class-wise Fee collection report
  • Different category-wise fee
  • Defaulter Report
  • Unpaid Report
  • Paid Report
  • Accrual Report
  • Month wise Fees Report.
  • Custom Reports

Other Reports

  • Student and guardian contact details report.
  • Custom reports
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